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  • Document Notarization
  • Oaths and Affirmations
  • Consent Letters
  • Power of Attorney

Certify Your Documents with Absolute Assurance. At LEGOLOO CONSULTING SERVICES LLC, our licensed notaries public provide comprehensive notarial services to ensure your documents are legally recognized. Whether you’re finalizing a business deal, authenticating personal documents, or handling sensitive legal papers, our team is equipped to support your needs with precision and integrity.

Our Notarial Expertise

  • Acknowledgments and Affirmations: Validate the authenticity of signed documents and affirm the identity of the signers.
  • Jurats: Certify affidavits and sworn statements, ensuring that all information is accurate and under oath.
  • Copy Certification: Authenticate copies of documents such as utility bills, academic records, and lease agreements.
  • Signature Witnessing: Provide an official witness to the signing of documents to add a layer of authenticity required for many transactions.
  • Estate Planning: Assist with the notarization of wills, trusts, and medical directives to facilitate smooth legal proceedings.
  • Real Estate Documents: Notarize lease agreements, mortgage documents, and property transfers to uphold legal standards.
  • Business Contracts: Ensure that business agreements, contracts, and articles of incorporation are duly notarized, enhancing their legal framework.
  • Power of Attorney: Certify power of attorney documents, vital for personal and business matters involving legal representation.

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